Helping Clients Through Advances in Technology

Advances in technology and the Internet permit Stimler Law Offices to service its clients with greater ease and value.  And, convenience and value are what clients get when:

  • The legal documents and deliverables [such as Wills, Trusts, Durable Health Care Powers of Attorney, General Powers of Attorney, Contracts, etc.] are prepared for the client, not only in hard copy format, but in PDF, flash drive and other useful electronic formats.
  • Meetings can be held “in person” using SKYPE, which can save time, postage and transportation costs for the client when communicating with legal counsel.
  • Original Documents are drafted using voice-activated equipment by the Attorney, which avoids the need for secretarial transcription and the costs associated with transcription.
  • Document management and storage can be maintained through the law office, eliminating client/ business costs for off-site document storage and maintenance.

In this digital age, clients of Stimler Law Offices can be sure that the price of legal services are value-enhanced by the use of technology.

In addition to the decades of experience we bring to solving your legal issues, Stimler Law Offices utilizes technological advances to ensure that the legal research; production of legal documents and deliverables; conferencing; and maintenance and storage of legal documents is available to clients, as desired.  Of course, hard-copies of some legal documents still are needed or desired by clients; in such cases, hard-copy remains an available option for our clients.