There is a common saying among Estate Planning lawyers that goes like this: “If you don’t prepare a Will and determine yourself who will get your assets at your death, the state will decide for you!” Most people are surprised to learn this, but state law dictates who will receive your assets and federal law dictates how much tax you will pay unless you proactively make a Will and develop your own Estate Plan. Although the legal analysis or touchstone questions are similar for all estate planning clients, the answers to the questions and the resulting Wills and Estate Plans are as diverse and unique as each client and their family. At Stimler Law Offices, we can help you devise a Will, establish any necessary Trusts, and protect your Estate from unnecessary state and federal taxes with an Estate Plan that is right for you. As importantly, with proper estate planning, we can help you protect your family and achieve your personal goals in the face of illness, incapacity or death. Healthcare and General Powers of Attorney and Advanced Directives are often a part of a well-designed plan and can be prepared with your preferences in mind. At Stimler Law Offices, your Will, Trust and Estate Plan will be unique to your desires and needs, and will meet the legal requirements needed to accomplish them. 

Services we offer:

  • Estate Planning [wills and trusts] – Request a Workbook!
  • Powers of Attorney [POA], including health care powers and financial powers
  • Living Wills
  • Advanced Directives or DNR [Do Not Resuscitate] instructions

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